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Brilliant Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hotwind
Company News10 Apr 2020

To foster partnership and business development in O2O e-commerce, supporting warehouse infrastructure and big data

Well-known fashion retailer Hotwind signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Brilliant on April 10, 2020, announcing a strategic partnership to collaborate in the business areas of O2O e-commerce, high-quality supporting warehouse infrastructure, and big data.

Hotwind, founded in 1996 in Shanghai, has grown to become a leading fashion retail chain, integrating design, merchandising and retail. Its products include footwwear, apparel, bags, accessories and other fashion articles. It has been conferred the titles of ‘Top 100 Chinese Fashion Brands’, ‘Top 20 Chinese Fast-Growing Franchises’ and ‘Top 100 Most Innovative Growth Enterprises in China' by the China Fashion Industry Summit several times. To realize excellent growth prospects, Hotwind is currently working to expand its online business.

Due to high geographical overlap in their target regions and the synergistic nature of their busineses, the parties would be able to make full use of each other's competitive advantages and business resources, ultimately creating value and improving return on capital. The parties are planning to build Hotwind-affiliated e-commerce business parks in 12 key locations including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Langfang, Jiaxin, Zhengzhou, and Hefei etc.

Employing its deep local government relationships, strong professional network of business partners and international access, Brilliant will actively assist Hotwind in building out its footprint in the 12 target locations. Brilliant will combine world class design concepts and construction standards with local development expertise to fund, build, and lease to Hotwind facilities enabling efficient e-commerce operations. “The respective asset-light and asset-heavy strategies of Hotwind and Brilliant naturally complement each other. This is an example of perfect partnership." said Mr. Han Chen, Co-Chairman of Brilliant, “We will make it count.”