Physical Specifications

Our warehouses are typically constructed to the following minimum physical specifications:

  • Floor Load: 3.0 tonnes/sqm on first floor, 2.0–3.0 tonnes/sqm on additional floors
  • Clear Height: 9.0 m on first floor, 7.5–9.0 m on additional floors
  • Column Spacing: 11.5–12.0 m
  • Loading Dock: 4.5-m width with 2.75-m x 3.5-m electric sliding doors and dock levelers
  • Canopy Width: 6.0–8.0 m
  • Truck Court: 30-m width for single-side loading, 45-m width for double-side loading
  • Ramp Load: 40-ft container truck at full load
  • Fire Safety Classification: Class C-II
  • Fire Safety Features: ESFR sprinklers and fire hydrants linked to independent permanent power supply; 4-hour fire walls between compartments and 2 emergency doors per compartment
  • Brightness: 150 lux for warehouse area, 200 lux for tally area, 300 lux for office area; 4% natural light
  • Electricity Supply: 800–2,000 KVA transformer and 400–600 kW diesel generator
  • Security: CCTV security system along fenced boundary